26 October 2010

Which Do-Hickey Does What? Part 5.

Quest Query Quarry.
There are many, many quests to find and complete. Some are more complicated than others. Some take no time at all. Some will have you stuck for days. To begin a quest, find a floating yellow Exclamation Point and click on whomever or whatever it is floating above. While you are on the Quest, the punctuation will turn to a grey Question Mark. When you are ready to finish the Quest, the Mark will be yellow. Click on the item or person one last time to prompt the end quest discussion. There are two general types of quests:
  1. Once Only. Most of the quests available can only be completed one time. It's understandable. Do you really wanna hunt down Mrs. Robinson everyday? Lucas is enough.
  2. Repeatable. A handful of quests can be completed multiple times, usually in increments of 20hrs. These quests are usually low yield in the rewards area, but they don't cost much to complete either.
In addition to basic story quests, (Did I mention that you get to help build a Smithy?) there are quests that only your friends can do for you. Most simply involve your friends visiting Sasha to make sure you can open the Friend Gates and expand your house (Yes, it's an Amish leaf. Everyone helps to build the house.).

Pandering Puzzles, Puzzle Monsters and Completing Customization Items.
Nearly every area has puzzle pieces that you will need to collect. Putting all of the pieces together gives you an image of the Puzzle Monster that inhabits that area. By possessing a complete picture of the creature, you are now able to capture him/her for 15 Energy. After capture, the Puzzle monster will reside in one of your many Petting Zoos, never to see his/her home again.

More elusive than puzzle pieces are customization items. These articles of clothing and pieces of furniture are found within the craggy depths of bushes and the gooey insides of monsters. There are generally three to an area. By hovering over your Customization Items bar in the lower right corner, you can see an image of each item for that area.

Good Luck.
Happy Hunting.
Patience and Dead Bushes for All.

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