25 October 2010


The Story as I See It:
While you are out one day enjoying the blissful scenery in The Outskirts of the rural town to which you have just moved, you trip! One of those pesky, large purple--and let's be honest, "gross and mutated" wouldn't be far off either--beetles wandered into the trail, sending you head first into a fluffy green bush. As you pick yourself up off the ground, you notice a shiny orange glint within the bush--an Agate gem! Such an odd and wondrous find! A look back to the trail reveals the unlucky, squashed beetle... what's this? It seems the beetle ate a gold coin!

It's so very lucky that you've found these things; you hadn't quite figured out how to get that Crazy Farm Lady out of your field. you might be able to pay her. An old, gray haired wizard with a patch-worked dress--sorry, robe--insists that you talk to him. There's something strange about his large purple eyes and his poofy mustache and eyebrows. You decide to listen to him ramble on about crazy things so that you have an excuse to stare intently at his odd features--are they real or fake?

The longer you sit with the old man--he might have called himself "Putt"--, the more crazy he sounds, going on and on about hoards of gold and gems, furniture and clothing tangled in branches or covered in monster slime and strange creatures that appear when you find a picture of them. He gives you a rusty old sword and says, "Go see my brother, Poot. He knows more about Bush Whacking than I do!" And now you have to, if only because this batty loon guards your town entrance and stares you down as if he'll crawl into your house late at night and make you visit his brother.

Now you are one step closer to becoming a Bush Whacker Hero, congratulations!

What is Bush Whacker?
Bush Whacker is an adventure questing and collectibles application featured on Facebook, developed by DJArts Games Inc. You journey around the world whacking bushes and monsters--and occasionally helping out the eccentric townsfolk--to fill your pocket, your closet and your home with all sorts of goodies.

How do I Play It?
When the game is loaded and when you finish getting away from the crazy old man and his brother, you'll find yourself in a wooded land of fluffy bushes. Click a bush, beetle or bee. Your avatar (male or female, not blue) will rush over to the "whack target" and well... whack it. The demise will be exaggerated... and clean. Bushes will be cut in half by your dull sword before disappearing. Bugs will spiral into nothingness. Each will leave behind or "drop: something--even if this something is "nothing." Poot will try to explain what you can do with these items as you get them, but that's now my job.

Good Luck.
Happy Hunting.
Patience and Dead Bushes for All.

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