26 October 2010

Which Do-Hickey Does What? Part 4.

Fish? What Fish?
Fishing will nom your time, if you let it. But, that's half the purpose of it. The other half is to find those elusive few Customizables. A Fishing Hole will usually have three locations to cast, but only two that are "ready". A ready fishing location is a light blue circle in the water with shadows of fish circling below. The act of fishing is much like real life: you cast, you wait, you find junk fish. There are four types of catches from fishing:
  1. Fish. Don't need to state the obvious, really. But as they say: "It is a barbarity that clarity is such a rarity." ((Thank you, Bones.)) You can catch fish from fishing. Fish restore your Energy. The Energy restored will vary with the species of the fish caught. Species can vary by location.
  2. Junk. The local Haven garbage company is environmentally irresponsible. It dumps waste into Hat Head Lake--which is featured in this location and one other. There is no current explanation as to why so much junk is readily available in the western sea... I like to blame sea monsters attacking trader ships.
  3. Valuables. Also known as expensive junk, these items are stored as gold. No one knows where they go when they come up; there's probably a fishing gremlin somewhere that makes off with your Broken Swords, Tarnished Rings, Old Lockets and Spices--I told you there are downed trader ships out there!--replacing them before you even realize he was there. The value of the Expensive Junk varies.
  4. Customizables. Occasionally, you can find some furniture or clothing in the water... never rusted or rotted, somehow. There are only a few, so when you find them all, stop hoping to get more. No. You can't keep that rubber tyre for your front yard or back yard or in your house. I don't care if all your neighbors do it, you can't.
Which Gates Need What?
Gates are... gates. There are two pillars side by side, often on either side of a path, that are drawn onto the edges of an area on one of the four sides. The exact pillars vary between Zones--I guess in the Developers' minds the Forest Zone and the Haven Zone are the same? There are often blockades set up at gates other than the one from which you first enter the area. The following blockades are existent:
  1. Unicorn Soldier Gate. We have no idea where his base of operations is, we have no idea if he is a mass clone, teleporter, alien, dodecatuplet or what have you. He dutifully guards a post until you have proven yourself to him with your vast Experience. That's it. If you see him, know that he is protecting you from the evils beyond until you are advanced enough to combat them.
  2. Locked Gate. Puzzle monsters, for an extremely odd reason, deem it necessary to build, then lock, gates. I guess they think that the area is their home or something. Silly monsters... Well, for whatever reason they exist, when you capture a Puzzle Monster, they will give up the key to the gate so that you can proceed.
  3. Item Gate. These gates look like a Puzzle Monster's front door, without the big, honking padlock. Tim's got this weird idea that you'll be best buddies with him if you keep having to come back, so he installed these telepathic gates that need a special item to venture any farther.
  4. Thief Gate. Thieves abound in this strange land--and I'm not just talking about the Desert Bandits! They block your path just like a Unicorn Soldier, but require payment before they budge. Kiss you precious gems good-bye!
  5. Friend Gate. In the Friend Zone, only your friends--through the powerful, joint effort of friendship--can unlock your gates. As a person can only help once a day, it usually takes a while to unlock them. And Tim, helpful chap that he is, has a hidden provision to aide the anti-social: a lock-pick tool that will disappear after one use... not very economical, but oh-so helpful.
  6. Riddle Gate. Usually by some great unknown power, these gates exist. They also look like the average Locked Gate. You follow clues to unlock the combination that will open the gate. You will not find the answers here. I will give you all clues and assistance I can, without doing the work for you.
Good Luck.
Happy Hunting.
Patience and Dead Bushes for All.


  1. great guide, love to see it shapeing up. just a note the second hat head lake zone (through t he friend gates) has 4 spots with 3 active at any time. instead of the normal 3 and 2 that the other zones have.

  2. I'll be sure to fix that, but I know the other two have three spots. The third spot in The Harbour that you may be missing, is above the dock instead of below.