26 October 2010

Which Do-Hickey Does What? Part 3.

Which Energy does What?
Energy! Yahoo! Without any Energy, you can't whack! If you can't whack, why play? You start the game with 50 Energy. There are five ways to get more Energy.
  1. Wait it out. It's the basic order of things. Eventually, you will come to a point where you just have to stop and wait for your Energy to naturally refill itself. The initial replenish rate is 1 Energy per 5 minutes. Lucky that Tim is so helpful at having just what you need. There are a total of 5 items that can be purchased to change that rate to a glossy 4 Energy per 2.5 minutes.
  2. Find Fruit. There are various fruits and berries nestled inside of unsuspecting bushes, and the monsters only partially digest their food to being with. Each type of fruit will give a different amount of Energy; suffice to say, any Energy is wanted Energy. The best thing about Fruit Drops is when you combine them with a Power Whack. 5 Energy x50? Yes, please! The next best thing about Fruit Drops is not having to lose extra Energy. This is the only form of Energy replenishment that can exceed maximum Energy Storage.
  3. Energy Packs. In case you forgot, Bush Whacker is an application on Facebook. You knew somewhere along the way that you were going to have to sucker your friends into playing or add crazy strangers to your Friend's List. You can receive a total of 6 Energy Packs from Bush Whacker Buddies. They are stashed just above your Buddy List, on the right. The first is--obviously--a Large Energy Pack. It will replenish 100% of your Energy Storage. The other 5 slots are for Small Energy Packs that will replenish 20% of your Energy Storage each--for a total of another 100%. Awesome. Unfortunately, there's a bit of a recycle process. The Energy Pack must fully degrade after use before another Pack can fill it's slot. The wait time is 20 hours--which is, you know, pretty fast; how fast does your trash decompose?
  4. Level Up. Hopefully, by the time you are at this point you will have Leveled Up. Each Level Up gives you +10 Energy Storage and a FULL RECHARGE. After a while, though... it gets harder and harder to Level Up. What would be the point of a Level Up if it were easy though?
  5. Purchasing Energy. Tim. He's a helpful guy. For the right price, he'll give you just about anything. Truth be told, it's not just him. Aside from the Haven General Store, there are at least two other locations where you can purchase Energy. The problem: Any Energy purchased with in-game gold, gems, tokens or tickets isn't going to be easy to come by. It's expensive, and Tim only carries one of each in stock. you have to wait 20 hours for for him to restock. But remember, guys, it's a Facebook Application. Not only that, but near toxic levels of fun, merriment and frivolity are never ever free. There's an option for paying with real money. This currency--Bush Bucks--yields an unlimited supply of high end Energy Drinks that can keep you going for hours, all night long if you feel like it. To be honest, the game deserves it, the Developers deserve it. Why not cash in on their paycheck?
  6. Fishing. The Fishing feature is first accessed in this Area. The guy over there fishing, his name is Steve. He'll try to help you fish. Don't listen to him, it's my job to teach you how to fish. ((In another post, of course.)) When you purchase your first fishing rod--from Tim, of course--, you will be able to fish up lots of items. One category being fish, which will give you energy. It takes time to collect enough to do some serious whacking, but if you have one last bit to a level up or finishing up a quest, fishing is your best bet.
Don't forget to return the favor with your Bush Whacker Buddies, they want Energy just as bad as you do. Simply click on the red potion bottle next to their avatar or take care of sending Energy Packs to all of your friends in just one go! The red potion bottle under your Large Energy Pack slot is nifty when you have 200 BW Buddies.

Good Luck.
Happy Hunting.
Patience and Dead Bushes for All.

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