28 October 2010

Site work...

The World Map page is still WIP, but it's getting there. =_= You have no idea how much work was put into just getting this map up. Whatever. I guess I need to love someone as much as ANYDEV loves us.

Any who, things to look forward to on the page: A list of Zones and areas and a link to each area via the map. Ah, you see its importance now do you? :]

Well, if you feel like checking it out now, the map actually has about eighty (80) images in it. It's not just the eleven (11) rows of the table that you can see. Hopefully, I can figure out how to get rid of those spaces within the next few days... and get the darn thing to fit inside of the box, that I already had to fuss with to get that big. If it goes any bigger, I don't think it'll look pretty. :[ I decided to extend the box. I did however find the coding for line spacing. Unless I redefine a table, this is probably the closest we're going to get. All praise Mark, he told me what I needed to know.

Next on the agenda: Beginning to detail the areas. Up first: Zone 1 - Haven

Loves and Huggles. Panda.


  1. If you are still having problems, try 'cellpadding="0"' in your table tag. Fixes it for me.

  2. Interesting guide. Though I hope more effort is put and info about all details in-game is covered. Like name of each area, monsters, quests, etc. would be really useful.

    If at all you need assistance, I am glad to help. :)

    If I missed something, please do tell me.

  3. Mark, marry me. I couldn't find any information on that attribute and I searched for hours... well... I didn't actually spend that long on the idea of putting the pics into a table. Anyway, THANK YOU.

    Barneedhar, yes. Everything right now is COMPLETELY a work in progress, I'll be going through the details of each area, who and what can be found there and all other useful information... it's just going to take a while. :<