26 October 2010

Which Do-Hickey Does What? Part 1.

Which does What?
Because I'm going to try to include all basic play elements, we will use the area The Shadow of the Mountain as an example. This area is listed as the 4th area of the Forest (2nd) Zone.

Which Whack Target is That?
In this Area, you have two levels of Whack Targets: Levels 1 and 2. A Whack Target's level corresponds to the amount of Energy required to whack it. There are two types of Whack Targets per level: a bush or monster. There may be more than one monster or bush per level, however. They can vary by Zone. In the Settings tab, you can set your immobile whack targets to glow. I have this setting available in this example.
  1. Level 1: Bushes are small, fluffy, green, non-flowering bushes. Monsters are large, portly, purple beetles.
  2. Level 2: Bushes are tall, fluffy, green, purple-fruited trees. Monsters are large, floating bees. D: ((Please note that Level 2 descriptions are only for this Area.))
Good Luck.
Happy Hunting.
Patience and Dead Bushes for All.

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